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IT Value Scenarios

For true value realisation, we recommend our customers to focus their efforts on a particular value scenario to ensure that the integrated processes work effectively and efficiently.   Once each value scenario works well, then the entire IT Value Chain can be integrated.

There is also an opportunity to introduce automation into each one of the Value Scenarios or the entire IT Value Chain by incorporating Continuous Delivery Pipelines and DevOps principles.

SAP® Solution Manager & Cloud ALM Delivery Services

Whether the focus is on Innovation (Build SAP® Like a Factory) or Operations (Run SAP® Like a Factory), our team has the expertise and experience to help you on your journey to implement and adopt the right solution for value realisation within your business:

Key ALM Capabilities include:

  • Process Management

  • Requirements Management

  • Change and Release Management

  • Custom Code Lifecycle Management

  • Test Management

  • Quality Gate Management

  • Focused Build

  • Business Process Monitoring

  • Business Process Analytics

  • Technical and System Monitoring

  • Focused Insights

  • Deployment Management

Manual and Automated SAP® Testing Services

Quality Assurance has been identified as one of the key areas that has been identified to enable an increased velocity in the deployment of changes to ensure quick time to market.

Having a long term testing strategy (including, but beyond tool strategy) is therefore critical ensure a quality assurance / near zero defect in production approach.  The approach is even more complicated for SAP® landscapes as the understanding of the functional modules, end to end scenarios and integration points is of critical importance.

This area of the IT Service Delivery capability is also a key area for cost reduction by introducing light human touch and targeted automation of test scenarios.

Lastly, the right Test Manager and Testing team will ensure execution, incorporating change impact analysis and risk based testing to meet both the strategic and tactical objectives (based on usually tight deadlines).

Requirements to Adoption and Support For SAP S/4HANA® Transition.

The SAP S/4HANA® Transition (Cloud or On-Premise) is one of the most critical components of the Digital Transformation journey of SAP® centric customers.  It is important to incorporate lessons learned from all historic SAP® Implementation projects when embarking on this journey to ensure the best chance of success.

While the core solution is of critical importance, the supporting ALM tools and capabilities are just as important as they help to ensure:

  • Scope definition and tracking
  • Process definition and mapping
  • Governance
  • Change & Release Management
  • Deployment Management
  • Test Management (incl. Automation)
  • Training and Adoption

We therefore recommend that the ALM tool strategy to be defined and setup before the SAP S/4HANA® Transition commences for effective support of the programme.

SAP® Basis Support and Mini Projects